What I Do

I’m looking forward to talking with you about how I can help you navigate the Medicare system.


Applying for Medicare

Yes, the transition to Medicare can be confusing, but it will be worth it! Medicare health insurance coverage is really very good, and I’ll walk you through all the steps to get you there. You’ll have no lapses in coverage and you’ll know exactly what to expect regarding access to doctors, facilities, and prescription drugs. Whether you’re simply applying for Medicare Part A and Part B or considering a Part C Advantage Plan and Part D prescription drug coverage, I can take care of getting you set up.


Of course, there’s more to choosing Medicare coverage than price alone. Some companies are better to deal with than others. Drug formularies and other plan details can differ as well. But cost is important too.  I’m certified with nearly all the Medicare insurance providers in Colorado, so I can easily compare costs and find the best price for the best coverage.

Ongoing Guidance and Support

Medicare Advantage providers can change over time along with their plans. So can your health situation. I’ll continue to work with you over the years to evaluate your coverages and options. We’ll work together and be ready to make any necessary adjustments during the Annual Open Enrollment period and at other opportunities. I want to make sure you always have the best coverage to meet your changing needs.
It’s especially important that we revisit your Part D prescription drug coverage every year. I’ll take the time to review your prescriptions with you to make sure you’re not overpaying and also to verify that your medications are still on the insurance company’s formulary.

Integrating with Medicaid

Medicare and Medicaid work well together. Just because you’re enrolling in Medicare doesn’t mean you still can’t benefit from some provisions in Medicaid. I’ll help you sort out your options and make sure you obtain the assistance you qualify for in both programs.


I never charge for a consultation. As a Medicare broker, I can offer straight, unbiased answers about the program, your coverage needs, and your options.


Part of my ongoing support is to serve as your advocate with the insurer if there’s ever a need to challenge a claims decision. I know where to go and what to ask to make sure that you’re treated fairly.

Speaking and Presentations

I love speaking to groups on Medicare topics ranging from transitioning into Medicare to optimizing coverage at different stages of life. I can explain the different Medicare plans and how they work as well as discuss what to expect from Medicare now and into the future.