My Story

Medicare is my passion and my calling.

My previous career was as a personal finance/debt reduction coach. I worked with many people who were one step away from bankruptcy or homelessness due to medical emergencies and chronic health conditions. As I helped them unravel healthcare and insurance options, I learned a lot about Medicare, and the more I learned, the more I realized that Medicare is a wonderful program… IF you make good choices.

I also fervently believe that everyone should have access to health services and health insurance. Medicare is a wonderful benefit, but if you get it wrong, not only might you be penalized, you may be without coverage for a period of time.

I’m a people person and a good communicator. I can make complex programs like Medicare pretty clear to nearly anyone. I know what questions to ask to understand a person’s Medicare coverage needs along with their individual risk tolerances so we can work together to choose the best Medicare solution.

Finally, I take a lot of pride in understanding not only the Medicare system, but also the idiosyncrasies of each plan and insurer—how they work in the real world and not just what they promise.