Broker vs Agent

Why work with a Broker versus an Agent?

The difference is important.

As a broker, I work for you – NOT the many companies in Colorado I have access to represent.

Your cost is the same whether you figure it out for yourself or have a broker help you navigate the storm on the internet, your mailbox and/or the phone calls you’re probably getting.

What is an Agent?

Agents works for only one company and will show you only the plans and cost that company has. None of the companies carry all the plans available.

You can invite the agent in from the various companies (one at a time) for details and pricing.

How does Mary get paid?

When you sign up for a plan with Mary. The company pays a commission to her. The plan costs the same for you whether you go through Mary or directly to the company.

With Mary, you have help navigating the details, pricing and avoiding having to call a helpdesk.


Mary wants you to know what she knows!