Do You Have Medicare and Medicaid Questions?

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Mary can help you navigate your questions, including the following:

  • Do you or your spouse still work?
  • Were you getting “Medicaid” from the Colorado Health Exchange?
  • Will that change turning 65?
  • Are you overpaying for your prescription drug coverage?
  • Should I take Medicare or my Employer plan?
  • What is the difference between Medicare and Medicaid? How can confusing the two cost me?
  • What will change when I turn 65?
  • How does Medicare work?
  • What is the difference between Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement or a Medigap Policy?
  • When are you penalized for not taking Part B?
  • When are you penalized for not taking Part D?
  • Do all companies carry all the plans?
  • Do all plans cost the same from all the companies?
  • What are Trial Rights?
  • How do I pick the right Company?
  • How do VA benefits work with Medicare?



Timeliness is very important! If you miss your enrollment time frame, it leaves you with fewer options or no options at all and may cost you permanent penalties.

If you have questions like these or other questions,
let’s set up an appointment.

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